I am a Wealth Architect who helps Canadian entrepreneurs build their wealth through passive cash flow strategies without charging them a single dime.

Why We Should Chat.

You don't like high-income taxes and hate giving half your estate to the CRA. More than half of your income is consumed by taxes. Adding insult to injury, you pay tax again on the money you invest. Welcome to The Tax Grind. Let us show you how to save those taxes and preserve more wealth for your family.

Why We Should Chat.

You are worried about inflation eating away at your savings and your holding company's assets. You need a safe place that stores your wealth, earns gauranteed interest, and provides instant liquidity where you can access your cash anytime you want, in case of emergency or when you spot investment opportunities.

Can you really become your OWN banker in Canada?

Whatever your current financial plan is, you are likely losing money unknowingly or unnecessarily if you are using the banks for your financing needs. By learning how you can Become Your Own Banker you can tap into your own banking system that enables you to earn uninterrupted compound interest for the rest of your life, while giving you an asset you can leverage when opportunity arises.

Cashflow Canucks Community

Cashflow Canucks is private Facebook community and Podcast for Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for new and innovative ways to grow their wealth through passive cash flow strategies.


“Peter has the pulse on how an entrepreneur can grow their wealth with passive cash flowing assets. He's an amazing persona and one of my secret weapons to my finances.” - Matthew Hunt, CEO of Automation Wolf

“Peter has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to 'Becoming your own Banker. He is building one of the best Canadian wealth-building communities on Facebook. A must follow Canuck.” - Jayson Lowe, Ascendant Financial

“Peter has to be one of the nicest and smartest people around. I enjoy brainstorming with him and his wealth-building community.” Edyta McKindsey

Let's chat.

I'm an open book and here to help you. I can help improve your cash flow without charging you a single dime. If you have any interest in growing your wealth or an interest on how you can create better tax efficiencies, then let's chat.

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